Vermont Department of Labor details data security breach at third party Vendor

America’s Joblink Alliance – a provider of the nationwide web-based database Joblink, which is used by the State of Vermont – has notified the State that the job seeker functionality of its website was compromised by a malicious software.

The Joblink system, which is also used by nine other states, is a standalone system and is not linked to any other State of Vermont systems. Initial details indicate this was a systematic breach designed to extract data from Joblink, and it is unknown whether the software was deliberately inserted or the result of an unintentional introduction by a jobseeker with an infected computer.

The system has been fixed and secured by America’s Joblink Alliance, which is currently evaluating the scope of the breach using a third-party vendor, RSA, to perform forensic analysis, and working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Read more on VermontBiz.  So far, I haven’t seen any Joblink notification on any attorney general sites.

Update: More reports are now starting to emerge, with some news stories reporting that hundreds of thousands in particular states may be affected. All told, this breach may impact a few million people, but we’ll have to wait for more definitive reporting.

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  1. Jason - March 24, 2017

    • Dissent - March 24, 2017

      Yep, and about 200k each in a bunch of other states. That’s why I guestimated this will wind up affecting a few million.

      And now we learn that it’s 1.4 million in Illinois. Eventually MSM will catch up with this story.

  2. SegF - March 26, 2017

    The hacker announced his totals on the same site that he announced his last hack from the fishing and wildlife sites. He also talked about it long before it even hit the media.

    Alabama = 1,394,018
    Arizona = 891,820
    Arkansas = 597,242
    Delaware = 236,293
    Idaho = 151,992
    Illinois = 1,235,564
    Kansas = 647,230
    Maine = 283,558
    Oklahoma = 862,278
    Vermont = 183,536


    Amazing how public internet forums are miles ahead of these so-called “Hacking News” sites when it comes to large scale hacks. lmao

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