& LE Hacked by #Phsy

content/images/gallery/random2/vermont-gov-hacked-phsy-sopa-pastebin-com_.png @stramble has dumped 2mirrors from a hack on and two other servers in retaliation to SOPA. The hack which contains mailing lists, server logins, shell informations and server information proves that they people that are attempting to  enforce SOPA can not even enforce a proper level of security on their own websites/servers. content/images/gallery/random2/vermont-gov-hacked-phsy-sopa-pastebin-com_.png, Law Enforcement, Mailing lists All! Gets #antisec>> unknown Edition. RIPPED by #Phsy for Security & In Protest to #VETO! The #SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) #PIPA(Protect IP Act), These Bills Harm our Once Uncensored Internet. Could Shutdown sites like @twitter, Reddit Censor Search Engines & more, Everyone Deserves free-speech an Open Web And freewill to Expression! lolol.. Dear U.S Government You Hear The peoples voices? your Citizens?! You Swear To Protect We say – #Mas-lies Maybe its Time to listen.. Brothers & Sisters – Juicy!. Imperiled


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