Vianet’s customer data compromised with latest leaks

NepaliTelecom reports:

While we just completed the Challenges of ISP for the current situation, another news appeared of the data leak for one of the leading Internet services providers in Nepal. Of course, we had missed that part. The leak is of none other than Vianet whose customers’ details have been compromised with a possible hack happened yesterday night.

There has been a leak of more than 170,0000 (1.7 lakhs) Vianet’s customer’s data from hackers’ Twitter account. It is quite worrisome to have such data leaks in a series after the recent Foodmandu hack.

Read more on NepaliTelecom.

As of the time of this posting, the Twitter user who reported the leak and linked to it from their Twitter account has had their account suspended, but the .onion link has been circulating and still works.

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