Vietnamese hotel leaves customers’ credit card data exposed online

From the MacKeeper Security Research Center, another misconfigured database leaking data. This time, it’s the Silverland Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam with thousands of unencrypted credit cards. According to their report, the total number of entries reached 6377 items (credit cards details in plain text).

And this should not inspire confidence in potential hotel guests:

The first notification was sent to the hotel email address immediately after we have identified the exposure during our weekly security scan on August 12th. The database was finally password-protected more than 2 weeks later, on August 30th. The MacKeeper Security Research Center sent multiple emails, used the live chat feature on the website and even spoke with the assistant of the hotel owner using the private phone number found on the domain registry. The slow response left customers exposed as they continued to add additional credit card numbers to the database.

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