Virgin Media facing lawsuit over exposed database

It’s Wednesday, so law firms continue to try to round up clients for potential class action lawsuits by making big noises about how much money a company might be required to pay out. 

Emer Scully reports:

Virgin Media could be forced to pay up to £4.5billion to customers whose personal data was published online – including details of porn sites accessed, a law firm says.

Your Lawyers, a firm based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has offered to help people who had their full names and contact details released get up to £5,000 each.

Read more on Daily Mail.

Seriously, folks, how often have we seen these kinds of claims about what might or could happen. This is another misconfigured database that wasn’t detected for quite a while until a security firm stumbled over it while researching exposed databases.

The information in the database did not include passwords or financial details but did contain names, email addresses, phone numbers and details of customers’ contracts with the service.

Over here, they might get a few dollars per customer at most for this type of thing.

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