Vodafone Iceland breached, customer details, SMSes stolen

Michael Lee reports:

Vodafone Iceland is now in the middle of an investigation into how its website was attacked and customer data information, including SMS messages, were leaked to the public.

On November 30, the company’s Icelandic website was defaced by attackers and subsequently taken offline. At the time, Vodafone did not believe that any confidential information had been stolen, and vowed to return to service.

The next day, however, Vodafone said on its Facebook page (in Icelandic) that despite its initial assessment, confidential customer data had, in fact, been accessed by the attackers.

Read more on ZDNet.

The breach was previously reported by Lee Johnstone on CyberWarNews.info, who analyzed the data dump and reported that 77,000 accounts were leaked. You can read Lee’s description of the databases and data types involved here and here.

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