w3schools.in hacked and data leaked by NORTON-Z

A hacker using the handle NORTON-Z has dumped a list of claimed 300+ accounts from a well known web developing school/site. w3schools.in the india domain for them was attacked and total fo 202 accounts leaked and the attack is said to of happened as norton-z is anti-india. The leaked data contains usernames, emails and sadly yes clear text passwords.

NORTON-Z THE PRO HACKER HACKED 300+ EMAILs AND PASSWORDs in THE INDIAN WEBSITE https://w3schools.in/ NORTON-Z WILL ALWAYS BE ANTI-INDIA BECAUSE INDIA SUPPORTS THE SYRIAN CRIMINAL REGIME SUPPORT ME https://youtube.com/legendfinder10 here are the emails and passwords link on paste HTML lol https://pastehtml.com/view/bogcb21qm.html ANTIIIIIIIIIIIIII-INDIA

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