WA: Expired prescription records stolen from a Rite Aid pharmacy

Stacia Glen reports:

Someone stole a stack of expired prescription records from a Rite Aid pharmacy in Milton, the company announced Wednesday.

The records did not contain Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, and there has been no sign of resulting identity theft, spokeswoman Ashley Flower said.

The theft occurred June 30 at the store at 900 E. Meridian after a burglar sneaked into the back room where the records were kept. It was unclear how the person got into the room.

Police have not yet made an arrest.

Flower said 521 customers were notified of the theft via mail. She did not know how many records were stolen. The affected customers were offered a free identity theft consultation.

SOURCE: The News Tribune.

An “identity theft consultation?” What’s that? And why would someone steal expired prescription records? If you were Rite Aid, how would you go about mitigating this breach?

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