WA: Grays Harbor Pediatrics Backup Device Stolen

A substitute notice/press release on a breach in Washington State:

Grays Harbor Pediatrics discovered on November 23, 2010 that a computer backup device was stolen from a Grays Harbor Pediatric employee. The backup device was used for storing copies of paper records. Grays Harbor Pediatrics has notified all patients and patient billing guarantors.

An investigation of the data has revealed that information stored on the back up device may have included personal information ranging from Social Security numbers, insurance details, driver’s license information, medical history forms, immunization records, previous doctor records, and patients’ medical records which were scanned and maintained in a paper format. Banking information was not stored on this digital device and therefore not breached.

Grays Harbor Pediatrics has secured all current software applications by changing passwords, implementing new encryption software and updating security protocols to ensure that no patient information may be compromised. In addition to procedural changes, Grays Harbor Pediatrics has contracted with ID Experts® to provide an informational toll-free number and website to answer questions about this incident. Patients with questions regarding this incident can visitwww.PediatricsSecure.com or call 1-877-810-7248.

This press release is in accordance with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Grays Harbor Pediatrics has notified patients, billing guarantors and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

This site sent an inquiry to Grays Harbor over the weekend requesting some additional details but has not received a response as yet.

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