WA: Port of Longview hit with major cyberattack

This sounds serious. Zack Hale reports:

The Port of Longview was recently victimized by a cyber attack that may have affected hundreds of past and current employees and dozens of vendors.

The FBI notified the port of the attack on Feb. 1, according to an internal memo obtained Monday by The Daily News.

However, the FBI told the port additional details about the attack are “classified,” according to the memo.


Investigators traced the attack to internet service provider addresses in Russia, Liberia and Kazakhstan, according to the memo.

Read more on TDN.

As a matter of opinion, I am tired of seeing entities engage law firms so that they can decline to reveal details and shield them as “privileged.”  There needs to be an exception for matters of significant public concern, and a foreign attack on a port should qualify for needing public disclosure. Or at least a Congressional investigation and inquiry – if we had a Congress that could actually investigate anything without turning things into a partisan circus.

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