WA: Student hacker disables hundreds of email accounts

KOMO News reports that an unnamed high school student who attends Oak Harbor High School is in trouble for disabling hundreds of email accounts throughout the Oak Harbor School District.

“This individual inappropriately obtained passwords to certain accounts,” said Kellie Tormey, Oak Harbor School District.

A somewhat surprising aspect to the report is a statement by an administrator, who told KOMO News that the email network does not grant access to the kind of sensitive information that could be used for fraud or to change grades.

“It was a relief to know that students information and grades were safe and secure,” said Tormey.

Because it’s not like login information to those systems could ever be stored in e-mail, right?

Did the student just disable the email accounts or could s/he have accessed them? If the latter, then the district dodged a bullet, but I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief that the student information and grade systems were that “safe and sound.”

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