Wake up calls: some still hitting the ‘snooze’ button

Robert Lemos of Dark Reading writes:

The recently revealed abuse of insiders’ system privileges to commit fraud at Sprint could be a wake-up call for other enterprises to implement more stringent security practices, experts said this week.

How many times have we seen a similar statement in the past five years? How many times have we thought to ourselves, “This will be a wake-up call” or “This should be a wake-up call” only to continue seeing the same types of breaches over and over again?

So I started thinking (I know, always risky when I’m only on my first cup of coffee):

Which breaches really have been significant wake-up calls that made a difference? Not which ones cost the most or grabbed the headlines the most, but which have actually made the biggest difference in how entities approach data security and protection? What do you think?

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