Walmart notifying Niagara customers of potential security breach

Newstalk610 reports an update to the PNI Digital Media breach that impacted photo centers at a number of chain retailers:

Some Niagara customers who had photos printed at Walmart are getting emails telling them their financial information may have been breached.

Back in July, Walmart Canada disabled its online Photo Centre website as a precaution, after getting word of a potential security breach.


Now, some customers who had pictures printed through the Photo Centre website between June 2014 and July 2015 are being notified their information may be compromised.

Read more on NewsTalk610.

It’s still puzzling to me how long it has taken for these notifications to be made. As previous coverage on this site highlights, the breach was disclosed in July,  but it wasn’t until September that one firm was able to confirm that customer data was stolen. Why did it take Walmart so much longer to come out with this notification? Are these victim companies sharing forensic findings so that they know what to look for?

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