Walmart reports that some patient data may have been stolen by looters during civil unrest

I think this is the first notice I’ve seen of this kind.

Notice of Data Incident

A number of retail establishments across the country have recently been impacted by widespread civil unrest. On May 31, 2020, Walmart pharmacies at the following locations were impacted by this civil unrest: Store 2648 at 1919 Davis Street in San Leandro, California, and Store 5781 at 8331 South Stewart Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

Although the stores were physically secured, individuals broke through the locked doors and store windows and caused damage inside these stores. Some of these individuals gained entry into the secured pharmacies by breaking through physical barriers to steal medications and other materials. In some cases, the materials included patient information. For example, some of the stolen medications were packaged for pickup and included patient information on labels and related documents. Upon investigating, Walmart determined what patient information may have been compromised by these events. The information affected by the thefts included patient names, addresses, phone numbers, medication information such as medication names and strengths, prescription numbers, prescriber information such as prescriber names, and dates associated with the prescription, such as fill dates.

Walmart has not received any reports indicating the information has been misused in any way. Walmart is continuing to review the facts and circumstances surrounding this matter and we are cooperating with law enforcement investigations.

Walmart is sending individual notices to affected patients regarding the incident. Affected patients are encouraged to call (844) 952-2213 for assistance and advice regarding this event.

Patients should always be vigilant when reviewing explanations of benefits and other information pertaining to health care. Patients also should be cautious about requests to provide any personal or financial information over the phone, by text, or by email and verify the source of any such requests. Walmart places great value in its patients’ trust and takes this matter very seriously. We are fully committed to protecting the privacy and security of patients’ personal information.

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