Walmart Sued Under CCPA After Data Breach

Phil Muncaster reports:

Walmart has become the latest big-name brand accused of violating California’s new data breach regulations.

The retail giant is the subject of a new complaint alleging that customers now face “significant injuries and damage” after an unspecified incident.

Customer names, addresses, financial and other information were among the haul for attackers, according to the suit filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.

Walmart denies the plaintiff’s allegations. Read more on InfoSecurity Magazine.

The case is: Gardiner v. Walmart Inc., N.D. Cal., No. 20-cv-04618, complaint 7/10/20.

If you can’t recall what breach this was, you won’t find it on this site because I don’t think I ever saw anything on this one or I missed it. From what I gather from the complaint,  the plaintiff found his data up for sale on an onion site and found about 2 million customers’ data on various sites. From that, he concluded that Walmart had a breach and that it was vulnerable to breaches.

I don’t recall ever reading a complaint before that included  Open Web Application Security Project Zed Attack Proxy (“OWASP ZAP”) findings, but this one does, and identifies six vulnerabilities the scan identified. Summarizing them here:

  • Seven instances of private IP addresses being disclosed in the public website code.
  • 44 instances of password autocomplete enabled.
  • The cookie “No HttpOnlyFlag” being set
  • 8,615 instances of cross-site scripting (“XSS”) protection not enabled.
  • 100,061 instances of Cross Domain JavaScript source file inclusion.
  • 93,060 instances of a cookie without the secure flag being set.

You can read more in the complaint, available online courtesy of Bloomberg.

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