Walters McCann Fanska notifies clients of network security breach

Kansas City-based accounting firm Walters McCann Fanska is notifying clients that their personal and financial account information may have been acquired by a hacker or hackers who had access to the firm’s network from sometime late last year until late February 2015. To their credit, the firm noticed suspicious activity with some accounts at the end of the February and brought in a forensic investigator, who confirmed on March 4 that there had been a compromise.

Walters McCann Fanska notes that they have no evidence that client information was actually accessed but they are offering affected clients two years of services from Experian. Given that they had noticed suspicious activity affecting at least some accounts, it’s best to be prudent and assume the worst here, I think (i.e., that hackers did access and acquire the information).

You can read their notification on the Vermont Attorney General’s website (pdf). Do note the personal touch in the last paragraph, as I think clients will find it very human.

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