Want to Know More About PHRs?

Michael S. Gerber writes in the Washington Post:

With hundreds of options, how do you choose a personal health record (PHR), assuming you’re so inclined? Here are some suggestions.

For general information:

The American Health Information Management Association runs myPHR.com, a Web site that provides information on personal health records. The site lists PHRs by type — online, paper or software-based — and by whether there’s a charge for the service. More on that below.

Read the privacy policies closely. Visitors to myPHR.com can also download medical history forms, which they can print out and carry with them if they don’t want to use online PHRs.

Some government agency Web sites also offer basic information on PHRs. See Medicare‘s site at http://www.medicare.gov/PHR/Overview.asp. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has a video about PHRs at http://www.ahrq.gov/consumer/phrvid.htm.

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