Washington Hospital Healthcare System notifies individuals of breach

Washington Township Health Care District (Washington Hospital Healthcare System) recently notified the California Attorney General’s Office of a breach. Their template of their notification letter  was uploaded yesterday.

The letter, signed by Kristin Ferguson,, Chief of Compliance, explains that the District learned on October 8th that an unauthorized individual may have gained access to a computer associated with Washington Community Health Resource Library. “This particular computer was used to maintain library identification cards,” Ms Ferguson writes.

An investigation determined that the computer in question contained a database files that included name, address, and driver’s license number.

“Although our investigation confirmed that the computer was accessed, there is no direct evidence that the database file itself was accessed. Nevertheless, we believe it prudent to notify you,” the letter continues.

The database file did not contain any Social Security numbers or health information, and  the affected computer was not connected to their internal network.

The total number of individuals being notified was not disclosed in the letter and there was no explanation for the delay between discovery of October 8 and notification at the end of December.

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