Washington Military Department Hacked & Data Leaked by @le4ky

Another American government website has come under attack from hackers, this time its the Washington Military Departments website (https://mil.wa.gov/). The attack which comes from @le4ky who first tweeted,

Its about time to release some new #Governmental Leaks. Get ready for some more #Lulz"

followed by the announcement of the leak a few hours later > "#Washington State Military hacked – https://pastebin.com/aKtUNAQS"

The leaked data is mostly basic server information as well as 17 accounts which have encrypted passwords, although 4 of them have been cracked. The release also states that @leaky will no longer be releasing "doxs".

There wont be any more Doxs from my(CyberZeist) side, only Governmental Leaks will be exposed! And this time it is Washington State Military Department.

The leak is also tagged with UGNAZI, who have recently been making headlines around the world for arrests and high profile attacks. https://pastebin.com/aKtUNAQS https://twitter.com/#!/@le4ky About Washington Military Department:

Our mission is to protect the citizens of Washington, their property and the environment on a twenty-four hour basis and to provide trained military units in support of civil authorities for domestic emergencies and in support of federal combatant commanders for national defense and homeland security missions.

About the author: Lee J

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