wcites Israel hacked for OpIsrael, 20,000 accounts leaked

wciteslogoToday another Israeli based website has been breached and as a result a load of user accounts has been dumped on anonpaste.me. The site is american owned wcites but its the Israeli version of the site www.wcites.co.li which provides information on local areas around Israel. The attack was posted to ozdc.net by @c0mandEr0r and contains just over 20,000 user accounts with clear text password’s, user names and ID’s, emails and location information and has been done in the name of #OpIsrael which has been going for a few weeks now. The leaked data is not the complete database as the hacker has left a note stating there is a further 80,000 accounts that they did not extract as it was taking to long to do so. Statistics of the leaked emails All archives for opisrael on ozdc.net

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