WDH records tampering trial will take place next year

Jennifer Keefe reports the latest legal development in a patient records breach that involves charges and counter-charges between two doctors, an office worker:

It appears there won’t be a trial in the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital records tampering case until well into 2011.

According to court documents recently filed at Strafford County Superior Court, a trial is set for June 2011 that is scheduled to last three to five days.

The trial will involve plaintiffs Drs. Cheryl Moore and Glenn Littell, who ran the WDH pathology lab until March, and defendant Mary Lemieux, who worked in the pathology lab before being fired three years ago amid a privacy breach involving altered patient records.

Moore and Littell sued Lemieux in March, claiming she “inappropriately and unlawfully accessed” patients’ records and altered them in an attempt to “retaliate” against the doctors after she was transferred in June 2006 from the pathology transcription department to the hospital’s transcription department, where she worked until early summer 2007.

Lemieux countersued in May, denying the doctors’ claims and saying she lost her livelihood over the doctors’ false accusations.

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