We don’t store credit card data…. oh wait, we are storing it?

A firm can have a great policy of not storing credit card numbers, but if the policy isn’t followed by staff, trouble can result.

eReplacementParts.com learned this lesson the hard way. They discovered that despite their non-storage policy, credit card information of some customers had been stored. In some cases, the storage was due to the customer providing their credit card number in an email to the firm. In other cases, it was because customer service personnel entered the customer’s credit card number in the “order comments” field.

In any event, some credit card information was on their server when it got hacked on February 5, but the firm didn’t discover the presence of credit card numbers until September 26.

eReplacementParts.com did not offer those affected any free services, but notes that they have no evidence that any one individual’s credit card information was viewed or accessed – only that it resided on a server that was accessed.

You can read their notification to New Hampshire and affected customers here.

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