Web site breach of The Dental Network exposes patients' information

A security breach of The Dental Network web site left access to member personal data, including names, Social Security numbers, address(es) and dates of birth unprotected for approximately two weeks. According to a letter dated March 10th to the New Hampshire Department of Justice, TDN discovered the breach on February 20th.

The Dental Network is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

TDN retained Identity Safeguards, who notified those affected and is providing one year of free credit monitoring and free credit restoration services should they be needed. The company also set up a web site at http://ids.thedentalnet.org/ According to the FAQ on the site, TDN secured members’ data within minutes of detecting the problem.

Those affected may call Identity Safeguards if they have questions or need assistance at (866) 879-7402, between the hours of 9 am -9 pm (Eastern Time), Monday – Friday.

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