Weibo Confirms 538 Million User Records Leaked, Listed For Sale on Dark Web

Caiwai Chen reports:

Rumors have spread after Wei Xingguo (Yun Shu), CTO of Chinese Internet security company Moresec and former chief of Alibaba’s Security Research Lab posted on Weibo that millions of Weibo users’ data had been leaked on March 19. Wei claimed that his own phone number was leaked through Weibo and had received WeChat friend requests based on “phone number search.”

In the comment section, netizens claimed that they found 538 million user records including user IDs, number of Weibo posts, number of followers, gender and geographic location available for purchase on the dark web. Among all the user records, 172 million had basic account information, all of which was available for sale for 0.177 Bitcoin.

Read more on Pandaily. There’s a lot of claims and counterclaims about this one, which seems to be related to an older incident. But the bottom line seems to be that some user data is out there, regardless of how it wound up in the wild.

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