Wellesley College data dumped; server vulnerable to SQLi

So yesterday, TeaMp0isoN’s timeline looked like this (click on image to enlarge):


Then this happened:

The data dump was prefaced with this message:

DB Drop BY Chief(@Puttied).

Site : http://mobius.wellesley.edu/

This is their latest Login DB as of April 5th 2015.

If you want the full DB drop hit me up on twitter for it they have about 700 members on the site, i cut it in half because of exposure.

The passwords are obviously hashed but are in MD5, if youw want to decrypt them easily just go to : http://www.hashkiller.co.uk/md5-decrypter.aspx

DataBreaches.net contacted Wellesley yesterday and followed up with a phone call, which their CIO returned.

But in researching the breach,  it appears this was not the first time these data have been dumped. They were also dumped on Pastebin on January 26, with the attacked subdomains listed as firstclass.wellesley.edu and mobius.wellesley.edu. The “guest” who pasted the January dump easily decrypted the administrator’s login password as “jungleb00k”  and posted it.

In a statement to DataBreaches.net, Erin Richardson, Director of Technology Support Services writes:

We greatly appreciate you informing us about the compromise of
mobius.wellesley.edu. I am writing to let you know that this is a
departmental server and we have taken the necessary step of isolating the
computer for further forensic research and follow up as per our data and
network security guidelines. We have begun the process of notifying the
users listed in the database advising them to immediately change their
passwords in other systems.

Richardson’s statement did not address the other server, which had also been named in the January paste, but an attempt to connect to the server via browser returned “server not found.”  So it appears both servers are now offline while the college takes necessary steps.

IT security should really add “check Pastebin” to their regular to-do list to see if data dumps are showing up. Or Twitter. While not all data dumps are mentioned on Twitter or are posted to Pastebin, for a data dump to be up there for over two months and a school doesn’t know is not good. This is not unique to Wellesley, either. Many colleges and universities have been attacked and had data dumped on Pastebin without them seeming to know it’s happened.

Thankfully, DataBreaches.net was able to reach someone to alert them, but the first attempt to notify them (via email to staff members) did not get a response, and it was only by calling campus police that I was able to get someone to get busy on the problem yesterday.

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