Wellington, Fla., Breach Larger than Initially Thought

Not surprisingly, perhaps, there’s an update to a breach report involving Wellington, Florida. The original report was one week ago (cf, this post). Now Kristina Webb reports:

Wellington, Fla., Chief information officer William Silliman also said the breach began as an effort to mine for the digital currency Bitcoin, but at some point expanded to include a sophisticated “skimmer” to capture credit card numbers.

In a news release last week, Wellington warned that utility customers who made one-time debit or credit card payments between July 2017 and the beginning of this month may have had their credit card numbers stolen as part of the breach.

But one-time debit or credit card payments made to the village’s code, building, business licenses, parking tickets and planning departments also were exposed, Silliman said, citing the results of further assessment of the targeted server.

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