Wellington Student Arrested for Selling Drugs on the Darknet

Dennis writes:

A young man with big ambitions for the darknet world has reached his dead end. James Winstanley, a 22-year old man from Wellington, New Zealand is a highly talented and skillful computer science student at the Victoria University.  He used his unusual genius to get himself in trouble. Together with two of his friends, Winstanley created a website on the darknet through which he could trade drugs. Interested users could log into the sites by the use of designated networks.

In June this year, he went further to use Facebook for the same purpose. Through a page he named Vic Underworld, he invited subscribers to make use of this illegal trade. Most of these users were students from the University. Nevertheless, the University has claimed lack of knowledge on who runs the site. The founders later named the site NZ Underworld.


The Wellington District Court charged Winstanley with threes accounts of trying to sell cannabis, codeine and MDMA between the months of May to October in the year 2015. The suspect pleaded guilty to all the charges. The court sentenced Winstanley to supervision for half a year and ordered to community detention for four months.

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