Westpac worker ‘aided $1.1m fraud’

Margaret Scheikowski reports:

A Westpac employee was probably an accomplice of a Sydney man who defrauded the bank of more than $1.1 million through “identity theft”, a judge has found.

Westpac Banking Corporation took civil action in the NSW Supreme Court, claiming that Ersever Toksoz, also known as Gino Versace, was the chief architect of the frauds.

In a decision last Thursday, Justice George Palmer concluded Mr Toksoz was “directly and actively involved in each of the frauds on the 27 victims”.

He entered judgment against Mr Toksoz for $868,655 plus interest.


The judge said there was no evidence as to how Mr Toksoz, or the person acting with him, knew the correct answers to questions designed to verify the caller’s identity.

“That remains a matter of speculation,” he said.

“It is highly probable that an employee of the bank was an accomplice in the frauds and supplied the information.”

Wow.. either someone on the inside has so far gotten away with this or the judge is wrong and Westpac’s reputation takes an undeserved hit.

Read more on Central Queensland News.

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