What Exactly Defines Cyber Crimes

Well in reaction to the last post about Obama administration seeking tougher laws for CyberCrimes i would now like to look at what the hell is really defined as a cyber crime. It would seem that a lot of people think that minor attacks of hacking nature are crime related therefor cyber crime, this is far from the truth and pretty much off in a world of its own like the governments of the world. A Lot of the hacking that has been public over the recent months has not at all been Cyber Crimes, Do they class a basic DDoS attack with a premed tool and a random ip some one else gave u a cyber crime? How can they lawfully class any type of computer intrusion as cyber crime when they themselves the government will not enforce any type of security laws for the websites owners? So how can the hackers be breaking a law if there is none there in the first place? this is just totally stupid in all ways possible, unless they are actually stealing money or products there is no crime being done. Of coarse there is cyber crimes where people loose thousands of dollars and get ripped off in schemes and scams and in all these people should be prosecuted for the crimes they do as they are robbing people. But when it comes to files on a computer, that’s all they are files on a computer. If the files and data was so important in the first place i do not see why anyone would put it on a peice of technogly that can make duplicates and distrubute it all in one action. So when some one says that they are stealing information they are wrong, the administration should have backups of all data, just like we do and these back ups should be kept offline to prevent any damage to them in case of the main copy’s being destroyed, either way this is not a form of theft of stealing in any way. Now data leaks are a whole different subject, in all most data leaks are harmless and leak no more information then what the orginal hacker has already seen and obtained, But in few cases u get exact personal details of innocent people being leaked online, this does breach privacy laws and if these certain hackers are caught then they do deserve the punishment they get. So really until the governments of the world sort something out and force web developers and web administrations, website owners to follow stick guidelines for security of information and user data then they really have no right to legally jail or charge or even arrest some one for DDoS or basic computer intrusion attacks. And Also until we start seeing these enforcement laws for web developers and administrations we will continue to see data leaks and website hacks roll out every hour from every corner of the world from every government and every site is a possible target if its security is lame.

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