What happened to all the posts and a few site updates

Well today really sucked, Few months ago my host did me a huge favour and changed locations etc; i screwed up and have not been using that for the last 18days or so. From this the old account has now been deleted/disabled along with all backs of databases. Oh Well…. half a month isn’t to bad, We did have other back ups but they are corrupt so yeah šŸ™‚ deal with it. All together we have lost about 75articles and about 30images etc, not to bad šŸ™‚ anyways gave us a reason to do some updates over the sites theme and reĀ arrangeĀ some contents andĀ category’s. We have done a few updates, mainly theme wise and changes a few categories and added some custom features. I will let u find them. O and the black background. seems to make it more simple to read contents. Cheers for the support. Lee.

About the author: Lee J

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