What is CPPS and why was it hacked

Ok so many of you may of noticed a lot of recent CPPS leaks, and that we could not confirm why the hacks and leaks where carried out or what CPPS exactly was, As promised, we have confirmed that information now. We can now confirm CPPS is actually Club Penguin Private Servers. CPPS is a Private gaming community that was started with the aim of Free speech but lacks security and administration to run it at a professional level, With them using flash chats from www.xat.com and boosting a really sad wordpress install for the main HQ, it does not put a good front on at all. We have also got the big WHY, purely because everything we said above, they dishonor, they leave there users to be exposed to the world. A recap of the leak Posts CPPS user account dumps More CPPS Leaks CPPS DB leak As you can see everything is at risk of being hacked these days and on most occasions its due to insecurity, lack of admin skills, or pure laziness from admin. So, to bring this to a simple conclusion, CPPS and another service providers like them, may want to start spending funding on security upgrades and fixes, this would at least prevent a lot of other leaks from a wide range of services.

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