What is #OpSlaughterHouse by Game Over

opslaughterhouse A new operation has been kicked off which has been dubbed #OpSlaughterHouse. It has been kicked off by Game Over @ThisIsGame0ver who has released a video and press release via pastebin for the operation. Its main aim is attacking police based websites, databases and servers. They also state they are not "anonfag" in other words this is not an anonymous Operation. The video starts off with dead pigs hanging and then goes on to the following statement/message.

Some of you may not know us, we run the Internet. This, is, Game over. For too long the Police have abused their powers and so called "rights" to abuse and harm civilians for no other reason then to silence the people and keep the voices of the Corrupt STRONG. BUT you did not plan for us, we are not your average Anon-fag, we’re MUCH MUCH more… We have access to more then you can imagine and we will not be stopped. We’re going after your databases, your financial establishments, your unions, your forms of communication and SO MUCH MORE. 2013 is Game Over for the ignorant Police.

So far Game over has got the attention of many other media sites, hackers and people interested in information security so it will be interesting to say the least to see where this operation goes. Game Over member accounts: @ThisIsGame0ver @GameOverVirus @GameOverLeaks @GameOverDDoS Source: Pastebin

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