What were the worst health data breaches in 2017?

I’ve been working on compiling some annual statistics for 2017 for Protenus.  This will be their second year of publishing an annual report for U.S. breaches involving health data, and I think readers will find some surprises in the statistics. Sometimes numbers do not match our impressions.

But as I was working on entering and crunching data, I started mulling over my annual “worst breaches of” list for this site.  Last year I published one specific to health data breaches.  Looking back over it, I think I picked correctly.  But what were the worst breaches in 2017 that involved health data – even if the data was not held by a covered entity or health business?

This is your chance to influence my opinion. Send me an email to admin[at]databreaches[dot]net or breaches[at]protonmail[dot]ch and tell me your nominee for worst breach of the year involving health data and why you picked it.

And then look for my post later this month.


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