What’s worse than getting phished? Getting phished *and* sending a selfie of your Photo ID and credit card

David Bisson writes:

Phishers are targeting PayPal users not only for their login credentials but also for selfies of them holding their ID cards.

This scam campaign starts off like so many others. A user gets an attack email falsely warning them that PayPal has suspended their account “for security precaution.”

“Hi there,

“Our technical support and customer department has recently suspected activities in your account.

“Therefore we have decided to temporarly suspend your account until investigating your recent activiies. Such things can happen if you clicked a suspecious link on social media or gave your password to someone else

“We’re always concerned about our customers security so please help us recover your account by following the link below.

The phishing email gives itself away by its spelling errors and strange grammatical usage. But it does get some things right.

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