Where are the women in cyber security? On the dark side, study suggests

Brandon Vigliarolo reports:

If you can’t join them, then you may as well try to beat them – at least if you’re a talented security engineer looking for a job and you happen to be a woman.

As we’ve noted before, the infosec world moves at a glacial pace toward gender equity. It appears that’s not the case in the cyber criminal underground, according to Trend Micro, which recently published a study in which it claims at least 30 percent – if not more – of cyber criminal forum users are women.

For its study, Trend Micro looked at five English-language cyber crime forums: Sinister, Cracked, Breached, Hackforums and (now defunct) Raidforum. And it inspected five Russian-language sites: XSS, Exploit, Vavilon, BHF and WWH-Club.

Read more at The Register, or access the Trend Micro report by Mayra Rosario Fuentes.

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