White House Wants Tougher Penalties for Computer Breaches

David E. Sanger and John Markoff report:

Almost two years after outlining a broad strategy intended to strengthen the security of the nation’s computers and networks, the Obama administration said Thursday that it was sending proposed legislation to Congress that would strengthen penalties for any invasion of private computer systems.

But the White House, in a briefing for reporters, said it had elected not to seek authority for stringent top-down regulations that would require companies to erect specific barriers to computer intrusions — which corporations feared would be enormously costly and soon be outdated.

Read more in The New York Times.

Right. Let’s punish the criminals more but not require corporations to have better security and protection of our personal data. And let’s give Homeland Security more authority over government networks, but not write in any protections for individuals to protect us from government surveillance or access to our data.


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