Who got breached in #ProjectWhiteFox 1.6 million Account leak

nc6av Today i announced that a possible 1.6million accounts and credentails from various places had been leaked by @TeamGhostShell in the name of #ProjectWhiteFox. While i continue to get over all this information and data and confirm and detail exactly what is there lets have a look at who got breached and some basic information about the leak from each target. All together there is 31 targets that range from space agency’s to education websites and general business  to intelligence company’s and more. The leak is spread across 147 parts and it does contain Hundreds of Accounts with and without email credentials. There is also a heap of private messages and other content related information from most databases. Appears that many of these accounts are government and military related from all around the globe. Also the Credit Union National Association has been breached in this with upto 85million records are now at risk of being obtained. ok here is the List****The European Space Agency Domain effected: https://television.esa.int/  Parts: 2 Emails: 3135 NASA Domain effected: https://www.aee.odu.edu Parts: 8 Emails: 161 **Crestwood Technology Group ** Domain effected: https://www.aee.odu.edu Parts: 19 Emails: 74358 Bigelow Aerospace Domain effect: https://bigelowaerospace.com Parts: 3 Emails: 1261 California Manufacturers & Technology Association Domain effect: https://www.cmta.net/ Parts: 23 Emails: 10155 Aerospace Suppliers Domain effect: https://www.aerospacesuppliers.com/ Parts: 7 Emails: 932 World Airport Transfers Domain effect: https://www.world-airport-transfer.com Parts: 36 Emails:  177364 General Dynamics Defense Systems Domain effect: https://www.gd-otscanada.com Parts: 1 Emails: 2164 Zero-Max – Manufacturer of parts Domain effect: https://www.zero-max.com Parts:  1 Emails: 2421 MicroController Shop Domain effect: https://microcontrollershop.com Parts: 2 Emails: 26241 Jp Chem eData Domain effect: https://jp.chem-edata.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 2 Apsira Domain effect: https://www.apsira.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 0 Anac Domain effect: https://www.anac.com Parts: 1 Emails: 0 Ivao Aero Domain effect: https://eg.ivao.aero/ Parts: 1 Emails: 5 Human Security Gateway Domain effect: https://www.humansecuritygateway.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 3 Hamamatsu Domain effect: https://sales.hamamatsu.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 673 NanoConference Domain effect: https://www.nanoconferences.com Parts: 1 Emails: 388 mobileserver Domain effect: https://www.mobileserver.nl Parts: 1 Emails: 26241 Colonial Tool Domain effect: https://colonialtool.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 3 HMI CronPowder Domain effect: https://www.hmicronpowder.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 1141 **Credit Union National Association – CUNA, over 85 mil. people at risk. (we’ve keep the leak to as little as possible) **Domain effect: https://www.cuna.org/ Parts: 17 Emails:  43982 Defense Contractor for the Pentagon Domain effect: https://www.drum-cussac.com/ Parts: 6****Emails: 5878 Among the top 50 attorney offices in the US – Glaser Weil Domain effect: https://www.glaserweil.com Parts: 2 Emails: 138 Institute of makers of explosives – IME Domain effect: https://www.ime.org Parts: 2 Emails: 338 At Your Business Domain effect: https://www.atyourbusiness.com/ Parts: 3 Emails: 18368 Intelligence firm – Aquilent Domain effect: https://www.aquilent.com Parts: 2 Emails: 1173 Lawyers – Schneider Wallace Domain effect: https://www.schneiderwallace.com/ Parts: 2 Emails: 23 About PMC Domain effect: https://www.aboutpmc.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 0 RotherHill Developments Domain effect: https://www.rotherhilldevelopments.co.uk/ Parts: 1 Emails: 6 LosAngeles Global Events, CuyahogalandBank, Army UK, SmeHelpLine, Thinkkc, Lexpert Domain effect: https://losangeles.globalevents.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 0 The Texas Education directory for lawyers – Utcle Domain effect: https://www.utcle.org/ Parts: 1 Emails: 1 Global Business – GBN Domain effect: https://www.gbn.com/ Parts: 1 Emails: 2304 VSoft Domain effect: https://www.vsoft.co.in/ Parts: 1 Emails: 1 View all archives on ozdc.net operations page or view all archives by @TeamGhostshell on ozdc.net.

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