Who will pay to clean up massive T-Mobile hack?

Eric Scigliano wonders whether anything will be done to waive fees for placing security freezes in the wake of Experian’s hack involving T-Mobile consumer data:

Yesterday I asked representatives of Experian, T-Mobile, and the Washington Attorney General’s Office if they might be doing anything to fix this situation. “I’ll have to refer you to Experian on the credit freeze and fraud alert services they’re offering, as I know they’re planning to provide some more information on this very shortly,” T-Mobile’s Clint Patterson replied. Experian hasn’t responded yet to repeated inquiries.

The AG’s office offered some news. “We have a preliminary agreement in principle with Experian’s counsel that they will waive costs to consumers for credit freezes,” says AG’s spokesman, Peter Lavallee. He doesn’t know if that agreement will also cover credit freezes at Transunion and Equifax, which are necessary for meaningful protection or what other redress Experian may provide pending any regulatory or class actions.

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