Who’s Behind the 8Base Ransomware Website?

Brian Krebs reports:

The victim shaming website operated by the cybercriminals behind 8Base — currently one of the more active ransomware groups — was until earlier today leaking quite a bit of information that the crime group probably did not intend to be made public. The leaked data suggests that at least some of website’s code was written by a 36-year-old programmer residing in the capital city of Moldova.

Read more at KrebsonSecurity.

DataBreaches happened to be reading 8Base’s Telegram chat channel when Krebs showed up there yesterday trying to reach them to ask about the KYC code. When they finally replied to him, someone who seemed to be speaking for the group responded, “hi at the moment we r not doing interviews. we have nothing to say. we r a little busy.”

Busy fixing their website, perhaps, as by the time Krebs finished and posted his report, they had addressed the leak he had alerted them to.

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