Why @An0nGhost Twitter Hack Claims Are False

In recent weeks two other sites have fall for what i am calling out as a fake and false leaks of twitter data. The leaks are coming from well known hacker collective @An0nGhost  and have so far proven to be nothing but shady as explained below. **First twitter leak:**Link: https://www.techworm.in/2013/08/twitter-hacked-thousand-of-account.html Reason why its fake: content was all releated to turkish accounts only. accounts were mixed with old, inactive or deleted/deactivated accounts. Twitter denied the breach. Information provided from the data base does not match what twitter holds. **Second twitter leak:**Link: https://www.cyberwarzone.com/breaking-anonghost-sniffed-10000-twitter-accounts-japan Reason why its fake: Many duplicates found. id’s of what would appear to be "sniffed packets" do not fall in order contents appears to be from support forum with no traces at all back to twitter. format has been corrupted preventing proper translation. My thoughts: Unless these can be really proven y judgement of An0nGhost is slowly going down the drain. ps: please reconsider leaking stuff like this.. it really is stupid.

About the author: Lee J

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