Why Anonymous is Attacking News International

Well, Ive seen a lot of crap going over twitter about why LulzSec attack news international and Murdoch and why anonymous has Opbrtain which is also attacking news international, along with other targets.Note this is just the start of a serious of articles we will be doing on the Murdoch case, if you’ would like to help throw us a word @Cyber_War_News. So lets start with the big "WHY". The reason behind this is purely clear, Recently it has been more so in the media that News International and a lot of its editors have been busted in a phone hacking scandal. Murdoch and news international editors get away with a lot, they have hacked and breached the privacy of people, and this has been proven, people have been convicted and only made to pay compensation. If this was a normal every day hacker, that hacked phones they would for surely see the inside of a cell for a few months or at very least have some community service or house arrest conditions. Its just sick how high profile companies are treated by the government they are given a different set of laws. This scandal now has claimed proper victims, with the editor who blew the whistle being found dead in his apartment yesterday. As the world was finding out about the death, LulzSec was deep in news international servers, tapping away at what data they could, writing a fake story about Rupert Murdoch’s death and redirecting the site to that article, then later to the LulzSec Twitter feed.Anonymous and more so LulzSec have targeted Rupert Murdoch’s websites and online assets to teach him a lesson about corruption. For a few hours after the a few hack mobile phone numbers and passwords of editors were being leaked from various accounts and then shortly after that it was announced that News International was offline, with all sites returning 404…. News International was tango down. With flowing Support for LulzSec and Anonymous Attack on Murdoch for over 24hrs it proves to be one of the higher hits they have done. Murdoch is Also in the aim of fire of anon’s, with a newer Operation #OpBritain. Over the coming weeks will be build a time line and attack list for Operation Britain. more on this soon…

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