Why Data Breaches Don’t Hurt Stock Prices

Elena Kvochko and Rajiv Pant review the impact of some of the major breaches, noting what we’ve all noted – that breaches generally don’t have a huge economic impact on stock prices. Here’s a snippet from their article:

This mismatch between the stock price and the medium and long-term impact on companies’ profitability should be addressed through better data. Shareholders still don’t have good metrics, tools, and approaches to measure the impact of cyber attacks on businesses and translate that into a dollar value. In most cases, at the time a security breach is disclosed, it is almost impossible for shareholders to assess its full implications. Shareholders should look beyond short-term effects and examine the impact on other factors, such as overall security plans, profitability, cash flow, cost of capital, legal fees associated with the breach, and potential changes in management.

Read more on Harvard Business Review.

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