Why gay furry hackers are leaking state government documents

Hacktivism is still a thing, of course, perhaps even more so these days with all the political conflicts in within and between countries and religions. If you’ve been wondering about a group describing themselves as “gay, furry hackers,” Sofia Mahirova has a write-up about them:

Earlier this month, SiegedSec, the group of self-described “gay and transgender furry hackers” claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on five state governments in Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, leaking documents that include police files and contact details for court officials.

The hacks – announced in a Telegram channel – are the latest in a string of hacks that began last year, all of which are aimed at states banning gender-affirming care for transgender youth. “Our motive was to ensure government agencies saw our hacks, and motivate and encourage others to protest,” they tell Dazed.

Read more at Dazed.

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