Jun 252018

Shoshanna Solomon reports:

Even as Israel’s privacy and democracy watchdogs welcome a cybersecurity law that would help the nation fend off damaging attacks to its businesses and critical infrastructure, they are warning that a newly proposed law, now up for comments, is not beneficial to democracy.

The proposal gives “too wide an authority without enough checks and balances,” said Dan Hay, the head of the privacy committee of Israel’s Bar Association, who is planning to submit objections to the proposed law. “There is a danger that if you give a body power, they will misuse it. This is not healthy for a democratic country. The proposal is extreme, and I don’t know of any law in Israel that is so extreme.”

Read more on Times of Israel.

There doesn’t seem to be an English version of the proposed law linked from any coverage, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it. If any reader knows where there’s a copy of the proposal in English, please let me know. 

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