Why National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a waste of time

So, October has been classed as National Cybersecurity Awareness… pretty lame if you ask me and even worse its the 8th one.  Over the past few days security based media and even non security based media have been reporting all kinds of stuff on this CSAM. Well its my time now and im about to try explain why this is a pure waste of time, money, resources and overall its just stupid. First of all over the past couple of years we have seen a huge jump in cyber security attacks with them coming from all corners of the world for all reasons. We have also seen a lot of different country’s merging and teaming up with security firms and other governments to try and prevent this from happening. We have seen planned "controlled" attacks to see how it effects certain things, and all this is what is a waste of money. If they spent the money on proper funding for cyber security training, hired real developers and put in place something that will stop one developer charging really big $$ for work another will do for small $$. The problem is much bigger then basic security, it comes down to scammers, frauds, untrained people or people who really think they can do it and do or just lazy programming. As we seen with the Sony attacks, they was possible due to the administration not updating the software that had well known exploits that any kid could copy and paste after discovering that the server runs that out-dated software, and this alone is a worry. The company’s and governments we entrust our data to should be held accountable for any insecurity the system they offer has, much like a car warranty, if you by a brand new car and you are in a minor crash you expect to be not to hurt, by chance if you die because the car manufacturer didn’t properly check the cars structural then they would be held liable for the death and this is no different to a programmer who is to lazy to secure a form or put a command in to update software that results in security breaches. If people can go to jail for so called "hacking" then we should be able to hold the programmers who allowed this to happen just as accountable as well. The government will be wasting millions on the month for the advertising and marketing of it, but what is the actually outcome of it besides telling everyone its National Cybersecurity Awareness month? DHS cyber security awareness month

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