Why organizations should (and should not) worry about KillNet

Intel471 has an interesting blog post on KillNet, a group that has declared itself pro-Russian and has been attacking detractors or enemies of Russia.

Since first emerging earlier this year, the group has grown into several divisions that have conducted their own attacks. The group continues to be very active recruiters; KillNet has posted messages on various channels attempting to recruit ransomware gangs to attack entities on their behalf. This public interest in ransomware indicates KillNet may develop its own variant or purchase one from an underground market as a means to move beyond DDoS attacks.

Even with these possible aspirations, the vast majority of KillNet supporters are entry-level users with zero or limited experience with DDoS attacks, carrying out a targeting strategy that appears to be influenced by current events on a near-real-time basis. Yet the group is very active and will continue to target particular organizations, especially ones it perceives to be a threat to Russian interests.

Read more at Intel471.

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