WI: Hack of Cooperative Education Service Agency 10 web portal reveals faculty passwords

WEAU reports:

A school district service agency says teachers’ passwords were hacked and Tuesday night it’s getting out the message to the people affected.

CESA 10’s administrator tells WEAU its old web portal where teachers registered for classes was hacked, and it’s now using a new site that is not affected.

CESA, which stands for Cooperative Education Service Agency, serves 29 school districts in our area.

It sent a statement to affected school personnel Tuesday evening. It says the information that was hacked is old, but did include passwords. While the information was old, CESA’s note asks teachers to change their passwords if they tend to use the same one for other things in their daily life.

WEAU was able to locate the hacker’s page, which appears to be from Africa. It claims it has e-mails and phone numbers as well as passwords for 8,000 people. WEAU is not listing the website’s address out of respect to the teachers listed.

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