WI: Mental health patients’ and disability benefits applicants’ info on stolen laptop

Scott Trippe is a licensed psychologist in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, doing business as ST Psychotherapy. He’s also affiliated with Fox River Counseling, also in Oshkosh.

On December 23, ST Psychotherapy reported to HHS that a stolen laptop contained information on 509 patients.

There is no notice on either of Dr. Trippe’s web sites, but he apparently contacted local media on or about December 21, according to a WBAY report. WBAY reported that the laptop was stolen during a burglary at 627 Bay Shore Drive on Oct. 23. That address is the location for both ST Psychotherapy and Fox River Counseling, and it’s not clear why the HHS report is under ST Psychotherapy, when The Northwestern reported that it’s Fox River Counseling’s patients who are impacted. Were Dr. Trippe’s clients from both entities commingled on the laptop?  It seems plausible.

In any event, the laptop reportedly contained

records of outpatient mental health clients seen from Nov. 7, 2012 through Aug. 19, 2014. It also contained psychological evaluations conducted between May 13, 2013 and Oct. 21, 2015 for the Wisconsin Disability Determination Bureau.

The office says the personal information includes names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, medical histories, mental status interviews, results of psychological testing and statements of work capacity.

Read more on WBAY.

I wonder if the Wisconsin agency, part of the Wisconsin Department of Health, had a BAA in place with Dr. Trippe, and if so, what it required in the way of physical and technical safeguards.

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