WI: Personal information on city website

Holy screw-up, Batman!

Shaun Dinck reports:

Personal information from hundreds of property owners was available on the City of Beloit’s website, and the city doesn’t know for sure how long it was online.

The information available was in the Document Center on the city’s website, and included Social Security numbers, dates of birth and possible financial information.

Eric Miller, finance and administration director for the city, said the information was available for no more than three years, but isn’t sure exactly how long it was up on the website.

About 843 people were sent letters on Friday indicating personally identifiable information was “potentially accessed by the public” through the city’s document center on the city’s website. Of the 843 people, the city has confirmed 500 are now deceased, Jacobsen said. A letter was sent to the deceased person’s estate for notification.

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