Wicked WikiLeaks leaks considered harmful: Alert over malware lurking in dumped docs

Chris Williams reports:

Documents laced with malware have been found in WikiLeaks.org’s cache of files obtained from hacked CIA wannabe Stratfor.

Intelligence biz Stratfor was ransacked by Jeremy Hammond in late 2011, and its email archives passed to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks in early 2012. The Julian Assange™-led organization soon began distributing the archives using the BitTorrent file-sharing network, and publishing extracts on its website. In March 2015, WikiLeaks made the emails available in a handy searchable database, just like it’s done with the leaked Sony Pictures and Hacking Team files.

Unfortunately, no one appears to have had the time to scrub the five million Stratfor emails, which date back to 2004, clean of malware.

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